“Welcome to Russell’ signs, new major project for the Kin Club of Russell

This Google maps shows one of the signs on the outskirts of Russell. Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

RUSSELL — After months of strategic planning and considering input from the public, Township and businesses, the Kin Club of Russell voted in its next major project – ‘Welcome to Russell’ signs. It was a very close vote, the sign project was selected over four other projects including a walkway and walking bridge over the Castor River; a community garden; a new pool/arena complex; and a community van.

The two Welcome to Russell signs will be similar to those already in existence in Embrun, complete with stone work, signage, shrubbery, etc. They are proposed for the Boundary Road/Craig St. entrance as well as the corner of Castor/Eadie Roads. Construction of both signs are estimated between $60,000.00 – $80,000.00.

The new project is expected to be completed within a year, at which time the club will commence its next major project. Although the recent survey completed by the club showed the majority of residents wanted a new pool complex, the Kin Club members felt they need a bit of a breather and easier project after the Sports Dome project.

Anyone wishing to assist with the construction/building/fundraising of the signs should contact the Kin Club of Russell at kinclubofrussell@gmail.com.

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