Green Energy plan ‘bad deal for the taxpayer’ but please don’t nuke contracts of trusting farmers

The Editor:

Premier-designate Doug Ford,

I used to sell and install wind and solar equipment for many years. I love renewable energy. Our home and farm had a system installed 30 years ago. Proudly, I am not part of the Green Energy Plan. When it was first in the planning stages, I felt it was a bad deal for the taxpayer and I got out of the business.

As a former municipal councillor, I could see that it did not represent value for ratepayers’ money. It bothered me. I wanted no part of it. However negatively I felt about the program, I feel now it must be honoured.

Many farmers trusted the government and invested their money, much of which was probably set aside for retirement into systems on their farms. They trusted the government and thought their signed contracts were binding, as contracts should be.

These farmers are my friends. They are all hard-working people people who invested heavily in the future of this province.

Signed contracts are crucial to our society. If you break them, it sets a really dangerous precedent for the trust people have in their government.

We farmers are already mistrustful enough of government. Please break one of your election promises.

George Wright,

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