Please kibosh Nation Rise project and deny official party status to Liberals who shoved turbines ‘down our throats’

The Editor:

Dear Jim McDonell, Doug Ford and Vic Fedeli,

Congratulations Jim, Doug and Vic on your resounding election win.

The people of Ontario voted strongly in favour of change and  for a party that will be bringing a pragmatic and common sense approach to the business of running Ontario.

As you very well know, Ms. Wynne’s government gave the go ahead literally two days before the writ was dropped for Portuguese-based EDPR to ram 33 massive wind turbines into our beautiful township.

The residents of North Stormont are now facing the prospect of living within the confines of an industrial electric power generating facility for the next 20 to 40 years.

Of course, the residents of North Stormont are very concerned about this and as such wrote hundreds if not thousands of pages of concerns, which made absolutely no difference in the MOECC’s continued drive to shove unwanted and unneeded wind turbines down our throats.

The residents of North Stormont have good reason to be worried as there are thousands of unresolved  complaints (noise, shadow flicker, water wells, bird and bat mortality etc.) that the MOECC is not capable or not interested in resolving on existing projects in operation.

To make matters worse, the residents of North Stormont are now forced to defend our rights against the MOECC and EDPR as we have challenged the highly conditional REA approval.

The timelines are tight with hearings scheduled to start in July in the village of Finch.

Not only are the taxpayers of Ontario on the hook for the expertise that the MOECC have hired to stop any and all challenges, the residents are raising money at the grassroots level to take on the MOECC and EDPR.

Crazy, eh? … but this is the reality of Ms. Wynne’s Green Energy Act.

We are expecting that you will do the right thing, keep your commitments and cancel the Nation Rise Project soonest so that the residents can get on with their lives and stop worrying about wind turbines coming into their back, side and front yards.

One more thing, I understand that Ms. Wynne is asking that the Liberals be given “official party status” despite being virtually wiped off the map in Ontario.

I think that the residents of Ontario have already had a say in this.

We are very tired of the Liberal corruption, waste, mismanagement and not being listened to.

The Liberals need to go away and sit in the “penalty box” for a while  and therefore the answer to Ms. Wynne’s question should be a very clear no.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Raymond Grady,


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