Summer Olympics introduces incoming crop of Grade 7’s; grad next week

Above, this year's Minister of Communications, Rosie Backes, North Dundas District High School. Courtesy photo

by Rosie Backes
NDDHS, Minister of Communications

The grade 6 and 7 students had a great day on Friday, June 15th, as they participated in the summer Olympics held here at North Dundas. The purpose of the day was to introduce the incoming grade 7’s to next year’s grade 8’s.

With less than a week left, just a reminder to students that they must hand in their blue permission forms if they are planning to leave after exams.

Locker clean out takes place today, June 20th, before students start their exams.

Congratulations to the grade 8’s and grade 12’s who graduate next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Good luck to everyone on their exams and have a great summer.

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