Thanks! Your support raised almost $3,250 for the Children’s Treatment Centre

The Editor: 

I would like to thank the community, Bank of Montreal and the Leo Clubs of Dundas County for their support of the Dundas County Bike-A-Thon Plus to raise funds for the Children’s Treatment Centre. Our community raised $3,249.30 for the Centre.

If anyone would like to further donate monies for this Dundas County fundraiser to help abused children, please send it to Children’s Treatment Centre at 305A Second Street East, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 1Y8 or drop it off at one of my offices in Chesterville and Morrisburg.

Thank you,

J. Douglas Grenkie
CTC Dundas County Bike-A-Thon Plus

Below, an embedded Facebook gallery of the Children’s Treatment Centre’s Bike-a-Thon Plus Fundraiser in Cornwall. Similar events took place in Dundas County as part of the effort.

Editor’s note: Do you have a public Facebook gallery of the day’s events in Dundas County that we could embed here? Let us know with a message to our Facebook page.


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