Ontario Grits had the gall to OK turbines on eve of election they knew was lost

Must be denied official party status for ‘anguish inflicted’ on N. Stormont and rural Ontario

The Editor:

Dear John [Fraser, interim Ontario Liberal leader],

Over the past four years we have written, faxed, emailed you and your previous fellow MPP’s many times and clearly told you one of the ways the Liberal party of Ontario was going wrong.

The Liberals’ callous, cruel disregard for the rights of the people of Ontario was very clearly demonstrated right up to the last week of parliament when over 3,000 people signed petitions simply asking your party to recognize your own lower, safer noise levels for industrial wind turbines.  Late Friday, May 3  MOECC approved the Nation Rise Wind project using the higher noise levels (EDP Renewables of Portugal had surveyors on local roads Monday, May 6) and your party leader dissolved parliament May 7.  The approval inflicted an additional debt on all people of Ontario of $1.8 million/month guaranteed for 20 years to a foreign county.

Over the years we asked you and your party, why? Why the damage to Amherst Island, the 20 wells in Chatham-Kent, the ignored noise complaints, the removal of rights of the municipalities and people of Ontario under the Green Energy Act?

John, your party has a lot to answer for including the anguish your party has inflicted.  We sincerely hope you do not achieve official party status; a party such as yours that treated the people of Ontario as you did does not deserve to be anywhere near the democratic government of Ontario.

Ruby and Joe Mekker

Letter writer Ruby Mekker of North Stormont took these photos of a surveying contractor May 7 (left) and May 8 (right) on her road, Concession Rd. 1-2 — respectively the day of and the day after Premier Kathleen Wynne dissolved the Legislature for the provincial election. The surveyors were setting indicator flags related to the planned 33-turbine Nation Rise Wind Project, which had been granted final provincial approval late the previous Friday, May 3. Surveying activities began the following Monday, May 6, the day before the election call, according to Mekker. The Township of North Stormont website also indicates that geotechnical field crews were in the area during the week of May 14.

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