New parking infraction enforcement to commence along Cty. 2 from Cornwall to Lancaster

Seen in image above: The bike path along side County Rd. 2 west of Cornwall. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH GLENGARRY — SD&G OPP will commence enforcement under the Highway Traffic Act those vehicles who are found parked on the bicycle path along County Rd. 2 in South Glengarry. The goal of this enforcement is to protect those cyclists and pedestrians, who are using this pathway, from having to travel on to the roadway because the path is blocked by parked vehicles. This paved shoulder is a bicycle path that travels from Lancaster to Cornwall. Initially, the motorist will be issued a warning letter however, if the same vehicle is found parking on the pathway again, they may be issued a Provincial Offence Notice under section 170 of the Highway Traffic Act and/or their vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.

SD&G OPP is engaged in keeping our community safe and educating the motoring public.

The title was changed to reflect that the bike path is from Cornwall to Lancaster.

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