Merlin falcon attacks in Cornwall should cease in six to 10 days, city says

File photo of a Merlin falcon.

City releases map showing affected area, advises caution

CORNWALL — A pair of Merlin falcons have been attacking and dive-bombing Cornwall pedestrians, leading the city to put up barricades and signs to keep the public away from their nesting area in the vicinity of McConnell and Marleau avenues.

The birds of prey are protecting a family of three or four fledglings, according to city spokesperson Emma Meldrum. She says the city first received reports about two weeks ago of the falcons swooping and attacking people in the affected area north of Cornwall Community Hospital.

Though she didn’t have details on those wounded, the quick birds of prey “have injured some residents,” Meldrum confirmed. However, she could personally vouch for the aggressiveness of the species when nesting, saying she was once attacked by a Merlin falcon outside Cornwall.

An expert with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has advised the city that the birds will move on in the next six to ten days.

In the meantime, the city has released a map showing the affected area and advising pedestrians to exercise caution to avoid meeting with the sharp beaks and talons of the current residents.


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