Homes demolished in first physical sign of MacEwen station expansion

CHESTERVILLE — Two aging homes came down this week to make way for the $1.7-million expansion of the MacEwen gas station property on Main St. North and Queen St. West.

An  A.L. Blair excavator made quick work of 6 and 10 Queen St. West, where the debris was hauled with equal speed, July 9.

Standing in the park across the street, Charlie Lanoue watched as the houses — neighbouring his own home — were flattened.  Number 6, a single-story Boyd block structure two doors down from Lanoue’s place, was notable for doubling as a diner in its heyday.

“I had a good number of cups of coffee in there back in the early 60’s,” said Lanoue, over the racket of the demolition work.

He recounted that two Bouck sisters owned both properties and ran the diner. The houses have sat empty for the last couple of years, he added. However, feedback to Nation Valley News on Facebook suggested one home was occupied as recently as a year ago.

“The popular Kay’s Restaurant, built in 1954 on the site of a restaurant lost to a fire, owned by the Laprade family. Kay’s was fully owned and operated by one Kathleen Bouck. Her son, Charles Bouck, lived next door at 10 Queen,” clarified Gary Bouck by Facebook Messenger.

North Dundas Council formally approved a zoning tweak this week to allow the gas station property to expand onto the former residential addresses.

This article was edited to correct the address number of the second house and the name of the street to Queen Street “West.”

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