New summer reading courtesy of local author Marnie Fossitt, ‘Is Zat You Myrtle? The Life and Times of Annie McKee’

Seen in images above: Marnie showcasing her new novel 'Is Zat You Myrtle? The Life and Times of Annie McKee' at the Martintown Gristmill and a close-up shot of the novel. Photos courtesy of Marnie's Facebook page.

SDG — In her first novel, “Is Zat You Myrtle? The Life and Times of Annie McKee,” Marnie Fossitt talks of her memories of her grandmother, who was afraid of thunderstorms. Her Nanny would wrap Marnie and her sisters in quilts around the cook stove and tell them stories of her childhood while awaiting the end of the storm.

The first half of the book called ANNIE,  begins when little Annie Boisclaire’s father dies suddenly in their Moose Creek Village in the early 1900’s. Her mother is destitute and must take Annie and her little brother Fred to a convent to live. Marnie tells how Annie suddenly finding herself living under the strict and severe thumb of a nun. Her quick tongue and temper get her into a lot of hot water.  At the age of 13 she leaves the convent and finds employment as a housekeeper, a funeral home maid, and then as a worker in the Cornwall Cotton Mill. Her first ride on a train takes her to Inkerman Station to visit her sister. There, at a barn dance, she meets her future husband, Hugh McKee. Many challenges follow them through marriage, child-rearing, the depression, the war, and up to the early 1950’s when they buy a farm north of Iroquois.

The second half of the book is called NANNY, and this is full of short stories of Marnie’s adventures with Annie. You will be taken on a roller coaster ride that was her grandmother’s life.

This true story is filled with laughter, heartbreak, and courage about an indomitable woman who faced her challenges with both tenacity and humour. This book will have you clutching your sides with laughter and will have you, lump in throat, wiping tears from your eyes.

Books are available directly from Marnie – or( 613) 774-3419

They may also be purchased at:

Planted Arrow in Winchester

Basket Case Cafe in Morrisburg

Mustard’s Variety Store in Iroquois

Beach’s Home Hardware in Prescott 

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