Together you can – and you did, says WDMH Foundation

Seen in image above: WDMH’s new Echocardiogram Machine. Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER — The new echocardiogram machine has arrived – and we can’t thank our donors enough.

“Thank you to everyone who gave to our General Equipment Fund in support of this new machine,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) Foundation. “You should all be proud of this accomplishment. It was important to bring this new equipment here – and you did it.”

The new echocardiogram machine was identified as WDMH’s number one medical equipment need in 2017.

The new machine has many advantages in efficiency and patient care. In the past, the images produced by the old machine were not as clear. As a result, some patients had to travel to another hospital to have the procedure done again. The old machine was not adjustable, meaning that the technician had to adjust their stance to accommodate the machine.

Finally, with the new machine, WDMH has been able to expand its services to include contrast and stress echocardiograms. “It is great to be able of offer these additional services close to home,” says Cholly Boland, WDMH CEO. “We are grateful to the WDMH Foundation and its generous donors for this important piece of equipment.”

The new echocardiogram cost $150,360.09 and several types of donations helped the Foundation to purchase it. These include a portion of a donor’s estate gift, a donation of shares, a matching gift program, and proceeds from a third-party event. “Every single gift matters, whatever the amount. This equipment purchase is proof of that,” adds Kristen.

Many people are surprised to learn that the provincial government does not fund the purchase of medical equipment for Ontario hospitals. To help ensure that WDMH has the right tools to provide excellent health care for our patients, the Foundation works with donors who care about WDMH and who want to make an impact. Thank you!

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