CRA fraudesters using lcoal OPP numbers to confuse public, warns OPP

An OPP Cruiser. Smith photo, Nation Valley News file

EMBRUN — The Russell County OPP advising the public to not provide personal information to fraudulent individuals who are posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees.

Suspects are leaving messages or are calling advising the person owes money and if they do not pay they are going to jail. The CRA does not leave these types of messages. Earlier this month, a Limoges area woman was contacted by a “CRA officer” advising there were four allegations against her in relation to her income tax and that she would be brought to court. The “CRA officer” advised the complainant that an Embrun police officer would be in contact with her to continue the conversation. The complainant then received a call from what she believe was the Russell County OPP’s local number. Suspects posed as a police officer demanding her SIN number or she would be arrested.

The OPP and other police services will not call your house to advise that you owe money for the CRA and that you will be arrested.

Warning signs- How to protect yourself

  • Do not take immediate action!
  • Ask yourself why the CRA would be asking for personal information over the phone or e-mail that they likely already have on file for you as a taxpayer.
  • Ask yourself why the CRA would want you to pay outstanding money with gift cards.
  • Contact the CRA to confirm that you in fact owe back taxes and do not use the phone number that the caller provides or that is listed on call display. Look up the phone number yourself from a reliable source.
  • Do not provide your personal information!

For more information about Fraud Scams involving the CRA visit the Canada Revenue Web page at

Police are advising to only call your local police if you are a victim of a fraud, otherwise you can contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) and file a report with the CAFC by calling 1-888-495-8501 (Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m EST) or by using their online reporting tool.

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