Winchester’s newest building supply store, North Dundas Building Supplies, opens Sept. 8

Seen in image above: Winchester's new building supply store, North Dundas Building Supplies, debuts September 8. The 12642, County Rd. Winchester store is owned and operated by Marvelville residents Stacy Duguay and Dave Nyentap. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

“Not your typical run-of-the-mill building store,” says co-owner Stacy Duguay.

WINCHESTER — The perfect store for DIYers, contractors, and farmers alike is coming to Winchester, Saturday, September 8.

Stacy Duguay and Dave Nyentap have turned their dream of providing the community with quality lumber, great customer service, and access to ag-industry supplies a reality.

The most frequently asked question to North Dundas Building Supplies (NDBS) owner, Stacy Duguay, is why? Why open yet another hardware store in Winchester when there are two others just a short drive away?

Her answer: “There was a need in the agri-industry for certain products that just aren’t offered out here.”

The Marvelville residents first attempted to build a store on their property but were told that zoning laws would be an issue.

Shortly after this news the couple was made aware that K&R Tractors on County Rd. 43 in Winchester was up for sale and later made the decision to buy it for their new store.

Although things were quite overwhelming for the family at first, if they were going to do this they were going to do it right. They knew that with two hardware and lumber stores right down the road they would have to do something different to stand out.

The 12642, County Rd. 43 Winchester, business will carry everything a home builder needs.

“If you’re building a deck or home we will have everything you need from the ground up. Aside from the foundation,” Duguay explained.

“If people are building something we want to be the place they come to,” she added.

Seen in image above: The future site of Winchester’s newest business, North Dundas Building Supplies. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Services Offered

NDBS will carry everything any DIYer and contractors will need.

There will be a seperate section for contractors which will include contractor tools and hardware quantities.

They also hope to add a tool rental service if requested enough by customers.

A full key cutting service station will be available for everything. They will be able to duplicate any type of key, whether they’re for vehicles, houses, mailboxes, etc.

Other products they will carry include; fasteners, hardware, hand tools, power tools, Valspar paint (same as Lowes), concrete tools, trowels, flooring, drywall and mudding supplies, etc.

Since NDBS wants to cater to local farmers as well they will carry an abundance of farming supplies such as; PVC laminated plywood, PVC corrugated plastic for walls, bird screen, agricultural-grade curtains and much more!

Contractors and farmers will be able to purchase all the safety equipment needed for their project “but not working clothes per say,” Duguay said.

“I don’t want to take business away from other businesses in the area that carry certain things,” assured Duguay.

The couple chose to work in part with the Castle Building Centre because of their flexibility.

They are allowed to pick and choose products from various carriers and suppliers, which was very important to them especially with wanting to carry farming supplies which Castle does not offer enough of.

“We’re not your typical run-of-the-mill building store,” laughed Duguay.

Customers will also enjoy the fact that they will offer delivery services. They will charge a flat fee a majority of the time.

Their intricate but very effective POS System (computer program) will make things very simple for deliveries and customers.

Duguay explained how the delivery drivers are able to take a picture of the product when its on the truck and once again when it is taken off the truck and they will be linked directly to the customer’s account. That way if there is something that is damaged upon delivery there is proof.

Sales, Service and Hours

NDBS will use their property as a showcase for what they sell. For example; one of the buildings will soon need a roof update. They will use one of their carrier’s products in order for customers to better visualize the end result of their project.

“If you’re selling something you have to believe in the product you’re trying to sell,” said the Russell County native.

“The last thing we want is for someone to be dissatisfied with the products we sold them,” she added.

The NDBS will not carry everything all at once as they want to judge what is selling and what is not and do not want products to “just collect dust.”

Duguay explained that they will have a book beside the cash to write down frequently requested supplies by our customers.”


Store Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(Hours subject to change depending on demand)


Store Grand Opening

Although a set time has not been determined, Duguay suspects that the grand opening will start around 10 a.m. and run through to 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 8.

There will be a barbecue, door prizes, and goodie bags.

Stay tuned for more details to follow!

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