North Dundas launches ‘100 Men Who Care’; 1st event Sept. 27 at former Nestlé plant

Organizers of the upcoming inaugural '100 Men Who Care' event in North Dundas ham it up at the venue that will host the movement's first gathering next month: the former Nestlé plant and future cannabis production facility owned by IDP Group. The group poses in one of the oldest rooms at the Chesterville factory, a space playfully transformed into a loft-like area with vintage furniture and collectibles. Seated from left: Dan Gasser, North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan, Dan Pettigrew, Devon Byers and Diane Crummy. Standing is IDP Group's Hamed Asl. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

NORTH DUNDAS- After an immensely successful edition of 100 Women Who Care this past spring, a 100 Men Who Care chapter has been started in North Dundas.

The fundraising pitch is simple: 100 men bring $100 each to a one-hour event to raise $10,000, all of which will go to local charities voted on by the participants. There are thousands of chapters of the “100 Who Care” movement, including ones in South Dundas and North Grenville. Now, there will be a second edition starting in North Dundas to engage the local male community.

“It was our intention to start a men’s chapter if the women’s chapter was successful. We all saw how quickly word spread and the enthusiasm is clearly there to grow this movement,” said 100 Women Who Care North DundasChair Eric Duncan. “The response so far has been amazing, just like the women’s chapter. We have people asking
every week when the men’s chapter is going to launch, so we are excited to get things going.”

The date for the 1st event is set for Thursday, September 27th in a unique atmosphere: the former Nestle plant in Chesterville. The event will take place in an industrial area of the plant with a cash bar and light snacks being served. It will be a rare opportunity to be inside one of the largest factories in the area.

While the event and registration are very similar to the women’s chapter, there will be no cap on the number of participants for the men’s chapter. The women’s inaugural event was capped at 200 participants due to the size of the venue. However, the men are not setting any caps at this time, and plan to have on-site registration on the evening of the event.

Men interested in more information and wanting to sign up can visit The $100 donation is not required at the time of online registration, but rather participants bring a blank cheque with them on September 27th. All participants will receive a $100 tax receipt for their donation.

“North Dundas is known for being a generous community and so many people- men and women both — have embraced this simple fundraising event,” said Duncan. “People love how all the money goes to charity, it’s only an one hour meeting per year, and it is also a fun social evening to network.”

Information for charities on how to apply to participate can be found on the website. Regular email updates will be provided to the enrolled men.

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