Russell County approves Kin Club’s new signage project

This Google maps shows one of the signs on the outskirts of Russell. Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

RUSSELL COUNTY At a recent Russell Township council meeting, the Kin Club of Russell brought a new project for the good of the community, forward for approval.

“The Welcome to Russell Sign Project”.

The Kin Club would like to raise funds to replace the existing Russell Welcome signs (East and West entrance to the Russell community). The new modernized signs would have a similar look to the Embrun sign, therefore strengthening the bond between communities under the Township. Riding on the coattails of the last Kin project —the Sports Dome — and after hearing the recent news that Russell Township was voted the third best community to live in Canada! The group felt that the timing of this project fell right into place. They estimate fundraising efforts for the project will take about a year and the cost $30-40K for both signs. Ash Babber and Dave G. Picard will co-chair the upcoming project. 

“I am extremely proud that the Kin Club of Russell has taken up the challenge of fundraising for new Russell Village signs. Their willingness to work with the township for the betterment of the community so soon after the success of the Sports Dome is a testament to their members,” said Russell Township Mayor, Pierre Leroux.

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