Mayor Duncan, you are worthy of the title ‘leader’

The Editor: 

Dear Honourable Mayor Duncan,

I read in the news how you have opened up your own home to Syrian refugees for the last six months.  I felt compelled to write you and acknowledge your generosity and thank you.  What you did says so very much about you, and I am moved.  If all of us could find it in our hearts to act in the compassionate and generous way you have — the world would be a much different place.

These days I find it increasingly difficult to believe that our leaders have our best interests at heart.  But every now and then I see example of the generosity and compassion you have showed … and I gain hope.

You are a person who is actually worthy of the title leader!

Yours very truly,

Melanie Horsman


Above, Dundas Refugee Support Coalition members JP Leduc (left), Mayor Eric Duncan (right) and Moira Law (second from right) pose April 29 at the potluck event welcoming Syrian refugees Adel Al Ghorani and wife Dania Al Muazzen, and their children Hamza, 15 (centre) and twin daughters Masa and
Liain, 7.

Below, Duncan’s Aug. 17 Facebook post announcing he was back in his Winchester home after loaning it to the newcomers for the last five-plus months. Al Ghorani and Al Muazzen recently rented their own place in the village.
Below, footage of the April 29 festivities welcoming the family to North Dundas, an event that also saw the mayor acknowledge he had moved out of his home and into his mother’s place to temporarily accommodate the newcomers from Syria (see the video).


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