S. Dundas tallies $750,000 contribution to kick off Dutch Meadows construction

South Dundas Mayor Evonne Delegarde presides at a September 2016 council meeting when 'Dutch Meadows' was first publicly unveiled by the developer. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH DUNDAS — The Municipality of South Dundas says it is investing $750,000 to help make Swank Construction’s new Dutch Meadows residential subdivision a reality.

The Iroquois-based developer has previously announced plans to build the 54-acre, 177-unit project in Morrisburg, west of Steward Drive. Set to be built over 20 years, ending in 2039, the development includes single dwellings, semi-detached units, condos and seniors’ lots.

South Dundas announced its contribution to the project today, Aug. 21 — with $350,000 earmarked for the extension of sewer and water lines and a new pumping station.  The balance represents the delayed collection of a $400,000 development fee from Swank; the municipality will instead receive those funds as construction progresses over the first 10 years of work — or the first two of four building phases, each lasting five years.

“Dutch Meadows is the biggest residential development in South Dundas since 2009. It is very well situated to all amenities, recreation spaces and transportation networks,” said Mayor Evonne Delegarde, who is herself of Dutch descent, as are the proprietors of Swank Construction.  “This development will meet the demand for residential housing and will be beneficial for those currently residing in our community and future residents looking to move to the area.”

The municipality will extend a sewer line west of Merkley Street to the outer boundary of the involved
property and extend a water line south under County Road 2. That work will also provide future growth opportunities to the areas that lie west of the development along County Road 2, the municipality says.

“Our contribution solidifies the municipality’s commitment to residential growth and quality housing,” added Delegarde.

Swank Construction Ltd, a small family business, has built over a combined 600 homes and barns in the
SD&G and surrounding area over the last 60 years. The firm has been awarded multiple times with The Builder of the Year in Ontario Award from both The Canadian Farm Builders Association and Tarion Home Warranty in the respective categories — most recently being a 2018 finalist for Tarion’s prestigious Ernest Assaly Award.

This Google Maps satellite image shows the planned site of South Dundas’s biggest-ever planned subdivision, west of Steward Drive and south of County Rd. 2. ©Google

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