Your donation requested for Thompson Park Pavilion picnic tables

The site of the planned Thompson Park gazebo, which is already fully funded. All that remains to be pledged is an amount to pay for new steel picnic tables — or $3,100. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

The Editor:

The residents of the new Thompson subdivision are excited to see the Township of North Dundas’s vision for park spaces come to fruition in Chesterville. Truly, this will be a community space celebrated by generations of families to come. And to do so, we need your help.

As a result of the hard work in developing a focused plan between the residents, township developers, builders and monetary donations from generous groups and individuals, the plans for completing the Thompson Park (Erin Avenue) are soon ready to move forward.

On the site, community members and visitors to Chesterville can expect a gazebo (offering protection and much needed shade as young trees are not yet mature), park benches and picnic tables.

The only obstacle to seeing this plan being fully implemented involves the construction of picnic tables. Originally, the picnic tables were to be built from pressure-treated wood. As the tables, along with the other structures, must be built to withstand rot, general wear-and-tear, along with accidental damage, the township is requesting that the tables be constructed from steel. Being made this way will serve to ensure the community can enjoy the tables well into the future and will be more economically viable (i.e. maintenance).

Fortunate for the community, the tables can be constructed locally in Chesterville. The unit cost to construct the tables is $1,700. As the original tables, together, were $300, there remains a great amount of finding required to putting the plan into motion — $3,100 to be exact.

This is where we need your assistance — your donations. Appreciative, in advance, we sincerely encourage you to make a donation towards the Thompson Park Pavilion Project. What better way to exercise your charitable donation than to see it go towards a project that will service children and their families for generations to come!

On behalf of the Park Pavilion Group, I look forward to speaking with you further about details concerning the project and donations.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Parker

Resident, Thompson subdivision


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