Mayor Eric Duncan interviewed on CTV Your Morning about lending his home to Syrian refugee family

WINCHESTER — The mayor of North Dundas continues to make a news splash as the mainstream media catches up to the story about his decision to temporarily move into his mother’s basement to accommodate a Syrian refugee family in his own Winchester home.

The story got new life on the weekend when Eric Duncan moved back into his place — after five months — with the newcomers successfully relocating into a rental dwelling in the village.

The 30-year-old mayor was interviewed on CTV This Morning — though not by co-host Ben Mulroney, son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Duncan, a long-time local Tory operative who previously endorsed Ben’s sister, Caroline, for premier of Ontario, was instead quizzed by co-anchor Anne-Marie Mediwake about an experience he described as “heart-warming.”

“I said to the family, they could stay in my house as long as they want in my house. I didn’t mind,” he told the interviewer on the show. “But I don’t know how mum would answer that.”

The interview video appears above this article.

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