WDMH Cancer Program not one of the 28 hospitals impacted by recent Drug Review

Smith photo, Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) has completed a full assessment of how chemotherapy drugs are given to cancer patients at the Brian Hough Chemotherapy Unit – and has confirmed that all medication has been administered properly.

“The processes at WDMH have been carefully reviewed and they meet and exceed the recommended standards,” notes Lynn Hall, Senior Vice President, Clinical Services. Chief Nursing Executive and Professional Practice Leader. “Our Pharmacy and Chemotherapy staff ensure safe, quality care every day.”

Cancer Care Ontario asked all 74 Ontario hospitals that deliver cancer drug treatments to review their procedures due to concerns related to three specific cancer drugs – Pembrolizumab, Nivolumab and Panitumumab. In 28 of those hospitals, it was found that some patients didn’t receive proper dosing due to small amounts of the drug remaining in the IV tubing. WDMH is not one of those 28 hospitals.

WDMH is the largest satellite cancer centre in the region. Last year, there were 2,373 cancer clinic visits to WDMH.

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