South Dundas Fire Services practice bus rescues just in time for back to school

Seen in image above: S. Dundas Fire & Emergency Services practiced school bus rescues with school buses donated by Whitteker Bus Lines near Morrisburg on Saturday. Courtesy photo

MORRISBURG — South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services (SDFES) put their rescue skills to the test this past weekend. On Saturday August 25, SDFES had the opportunity to take part in some school bus extrication training at Bill Ewing’s towing yard.

Whitteker Bus Lines kindly donated the use of their buses which helped make the rescues more realistic.

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“They participate in automobile extrication training on a regular basis but with Whitteker donating the buses, it gave them a great opportunity to train in the event of a bus accident,” said Christa St.Pierre, Public Fire & Life Safety Educator of SDFES.

St. Pierre also explained, “The techniques they performed were side entry, rear door entry, roof access entry, and roof lift and removal.”

“This was the first time SDFES did inside training on school bus extrication, although some members have had the training through outside sources,” she added.

Courtesy photo

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