Classic silent film experience to be recreated with live music in Winchester

A still from the classic silent film "Metropolis" that visiting pianist Dmytro Morykit will accompany with his own original score, Sept. 15 in Winchester.

UK-based award-winning composer and pianist to accompany Fritz Lang’s masterpiece Metropolis  Sept. 15 at The Old Town Hall

WINCHESTER — Watching a classic silent film with live accompaniment — especially the great Metropolis by Fritz Lang — offers a completely unique experience, compared to watching a modern Hollywood flick.

When silent films were being made, nobody really had any idea what kind of music would actually accompany the film because it could vary from a full orchestra to just a piano.

The Sept. 15 screening of Fritz Lang’s influential film at Winchester’s Old Town Hall will be accompanied by a beautiful live performance by British composer and pianist Dmytro Morykit. His original score, which brought sell-out London audiences to their feet, was composed over a 30 year period. The music complements the film by bringing it into a sharper focus and gives the audience a new way to experience both music and image.

“Morykit’s understanding of Metropolis allows for some extraordinary moments of synthesis, where character’s motivations are clarified or complicated by his mercurial piano,” The Saint reported in a review of his show.

Culture Northern Ireland described the score as “modern, yet it has a timeless quality that might contribute to Metropolis being
embraced by a wider contemporary audience” — a piece “… so easily … enjoyed as a live performance in its own right, but combined with Lang’s classic, ground breaking visuals, it makes for wonderful entertainment.”

The 1927 dystopian film Metropolis depicts a world in which slaves toil beneath the earth to create a paradise for the elite society above. The futuristic fiction, with striking design, historic story lines and a banquet of special effects creates a wonderfully exotic blend of artistic expressionism and political realism.

After sound arrived in the late 1920s, many films were defined by the music that surrounded them. How can one imagine Psycho without the stabbing strings of Bernard Herrmann’s creation, or Lord of the Rings without Howard Shore’s all-enveloping score?

But with silent films, there’s the opportunity to reinvent the experience; to create intimacy, mood, and surprise. And, in this case, a “relatively modest musician has written a beautiful work that sits comfortably amongst gods,” Second Tier concluded in a review.

The show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 each, available at the door, although advance purchase is highly recommended online via or by calling 613-441-2021.

Below, a clip of the classic film accompanied by Morykit and his original score.
Below, an overview of the groundbreaking 1927 science fiction epic Metropolis presented by the “One Hundred Years of Cinema” YouTube channel. Catch the movie with live music Sept. 15 at The Old Town Hall in Winchester.
Below, a short preview of the artist testing out the ivories in Winchester.


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