Russell candidate, Nicolas Daoust, encourages all candidates to respect new sign by-law

Seen in image above: Nicolas Daoust to run for Russell Township Council. Courtesy photo

Nicolas Daoust  will only erect election signs on private property

Mayor Leroux  made an announcement on August 29th, 2018 in regards to repeal a by-law on election signs, where it is forbidden to erect  election signs on public property within the Township of Russell . His decision was made considering that a candidate would commence legal action against the Municipality and the United Counties in the hopes to enable him to display his signs on public property.

Daoust states: “ I respect the mayor’s decision despite my support of the by-law. Election signs, in my opinion, are for voters to express their support for a candidate rather than allowing  candidates to display as many signs as possible on public property. Many residents have expressed their appreciation for this by-law and it’s unfortunate that it will be repealed for saving our tax dollars from potential legal costs. That being said, I agree with mayor’s decision but as a candidate I will only be erecting my signs on private property and I encourage other candidates to do the same.”

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