Thompson packs McCloskey Hotel to launch campaign

Councillor John Thompson (centre) poses with those that spoke of his character at the official launch of Thompson's re-election campaign: Councillor Al Armstrong (left); Dan Gasser (second from left); Fred Bortolussi (right, event emcee) and Ruth Gilroy. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — The only incumbent councillor on the ballot in North Dundas officially launched his re-election campaign last night in front of a full house gathered at the McCloskey Hotel.

First elected in 2006, John Thompson was lauded for his quiet skill and leadership at the council table over the last dozen years and his valued contributions to life in the community.

“I’m telling you right off the bat: North Dundas is weaker if we have a council without John Thompson,” declared fellow councillor Al Armstrong, who is making a bid to become deputy mayor in this election.  Armstrong described his colleague as a “quiet guy … as important or more important than anybody else at the table.”

“When it’s his turn to speak, you realize just how foolish you may have felt for the last 10 minutes when you were trying to make your point…. He’s sat in the middle of heated debates, cool as a cucumber, stays on point, thinks of the best for all North Dundas … ”

Longtime Chesterville Agricultural Society member Dan Gasser highlighted the candidate’s going above and beyond in his capacity as electrician helper to the Chesterville Fair, while Ruth Gilroy noted Thompson’s volunteerism in support of other groups.

Fred Bortolussi, emcee for the evening, praised his friend for keeping his word, adding Thompson was “not one for making promises for the [sake] of making promises.”

Smiling modestly as he took the microphone on the tavern stage, the candidate explained how he’s learned from his time on council that “working together in an atmosphere of cooperation and consideration for one another is the key element needed for successful development.”

The Chesterville resident added he picked up early in his political career the importance of being “approachable and to genuinely listen to the ideas and concerns of residents. A township as vibrant as North Dundas cannot be a reality unless people work together and respect one another, for all have valuable and insightful feelings about the community that they live in.”

He also burnished his credentials for fiscal responsibility, noting his aim “to ensure that quality of life improves while maintaining an acceptable budget.”

See extensive video coverage of the evening, below.


A shorter clip of the evening, below.
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