Letter writer responds to last week’s Iroquois campground building proposal letter

Seen in image above: Campers of the Iroquois Campground enjoying the communal fireplace. Photo courtesy of Cathy Clarmo

Dear Editor,

I recently read the article regarding the replacement of the Iroquois Camp Building.  

We — the campers of Iroquois — appreciate that someone has finally noticed that the campers, a source of income for the township, are left out in the cold as far as any decisions being made. Large and or small. We just want to keep the status quo going forward as far as our own entertainment.

We have no outrageous demands. We enjoy the communal fire pit. We enjoy playing cards and sharing stories. We enjoy the music, some by playing and some by listening. We enjoy potlucks and last minute gatherings for meals.

Seen in image above: Campers of Iroquois Campground enjoying a game of cards. Photo courtesy of Cathy Clarmo

A new building with the necessary washrooms/showers, office (for the ever helpful and hardworking Debbie) and decent covered meeting space would be the best we hope for. Remaining central to the original so easily accessed by some of the more disabled seniors. If there were indoor space for us to gather in cool and wet weather that wouldn’t that be a lovely bonus.  

I am attaching recent pics of how we spend our time from mid day to late day so you yourself can see that the campsite has a small town feel and good vibes. But, it is the people that make it a campground we love.

Thank you for your time,

Cathy Clarmo

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