For one night, Winchester became home to ‘Metropolis’

WINCHESTER — A standing ovation greeted Dmytro Morykit as the visiting UK pianist finished playing his original musical score to accompany the classic 1927 silent film “Metropolis,” Saturday night in Winchester.

Eighty tickets were sold for the unique Sept. 15 performance at the Old Town Hall.

The classically trained Morykit poured his passion into the theatre’s old standup piano, which was temporarily stripped of its wooden cabinet to expose the internal wires for maximum resonance. At one point, the artist briefly strummed the wires with a bare hand for an added sound effect. His exquisite score was inspired by the musical genre that used to accompany all silent films, the tone, mood and tempo perfectly matched to the action on screen through Metropolis’s two-and-a-half-hour length. If one listened closely, there was even a momentary overtone of a Lady Gaga pop hit within a particular sequence.

At the end of the video clip, below, Morykit poses with his partner, poet Hazel Cameron.

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