Writer says he’s, “More than just a wallet”

Dear Editor;

I am more than just a wallet.
I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father and a grandfather. I am a home owner, a tax payer, and a resident of Red Deer, of Alberta, of Canada and of earth. I am a regular joe.
So why do I feel ignored by our political leaders? Why do they keep talking about my wallet?
My wallet is pretty thin compared to those, fat wallets, that the accountants said the tax system favours. Political leaders keep talking about cutting taxes and services and I realize that very few of the cuts negatively affect the people making the promises.
I have always thought about the level of importance by people on various issues. If I thought money would provide as much happiness as a grandchild’s smile then I might be more worried about my wallet.
Now that I am thinking about my wallet, I appreciate that Alberta’s economy is leading the country in growth for another year. But my wallet thinking acquaintances are screaming doom and gloom and calling for change. Will they ever be happy?
I sense that wallet-thinking, means children riding on a school bus sometimes 45 minutes, twice-a-day. Heart attack victims travelling great distances for health care. Seniors being separated, by great distances, in their final years. Long commutes for children involved in sports or extra-curricular activities.
When April 30 comes around, I still get bothered by the taxes remitted, but for the 364 other days of the year I seldom think about it.
I believe that I have a blessed life, and I would want everyone else to be able to have one, too. If that makes me a socialist, or a much maligned left-winger, then so be it.
Just remember that I am more than just a wallet.

by Garfield Marks

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