100+ Men Who Care North Dundas set for first event this Thursday, Sept. 27

Organizers of the upcoming inaugural '100 Men Who Care' event in North Dundas ham it up at the venue that will host the movement's first gathering next month: the former Nestlé plant and future cannabis production facility owned by IDP Group. The group poses in one of the oldest rooms at the Chesterville factory, a space playfully transformed into a loft-like area with vintage furniture and collectibles. Seated from left: Dan Gasser, North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan, Dan Pettigrew, Devon Byers and Diane Crummy. Standing is IDP Group's Hamed Asl. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

NORTH DUNDAS- With 116 men registered so far, the first annual event for the 100 Men Who Care chapter in North Dundas is set for its debut in Chesterville on Thursday night. Volunteers are offering on-site registration to encourage even more men in the North Dundas area to attend and support the event, which is set to raise over $11,000 in one evening for local causes.

“We are happy that we have a solid number participating in the first year, and the unique venue of being in an industrial area at the former Nestle plant will hopefully add even more interest,” said 100 Men Who Care North Dundas Chair Eric Duncan. “The number of men signing up continues to grow as we get closer.”

The inaugural North Dundas men’s event will take place at the IDP Group facility (the former Nestle plant) in Chesterville on Thursday, September 27. Registration is still open online and on-site registration will be available at the event. An email has been sent to all participants already signed up.

Eight charities have applied to request funds for their projects. All charities will use their funds for projects in North Dundas and/or benefit local residents. Full information on the charities and their projects can be found at www.100northdundas.com/charities-men/.

“The whole ‘100 Who Care’ movement has been very well received. It’s simple and 100 percent of a person’s $100 contribution goes to charity,” said Duncan. “Men have been asking since the Women’s chapter was started earlier this year, when they would have the chance to get involved — it’s now here!”

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