Rebuilding after fire, Maxville dairy farmer pulls down concrete silo

MAXVILLE — How is a fire-damaged silo brought down to make way for new construction?

The technique was recently demonstrated by a contractor working at the Jack family farm, which suffered a devastating blaze that destroyed all hard structures and the dairy herd on Aug. 28.

In footage taken by Harmony Koiter Sept. 25, a bulldozer pulls a long chain strung through two holes punched into the body of the structure, partway up, just above the remaining feed stored in the cylinder.  The chain rips through a chunk of concrete on the circumference, sending the silo crashing down.

Two other upright silos, similarly rendered unusable by the heat of the flames, were due for the same fate.

Operated by Charlie and Tammy Jack — and with Charlie’s father, Peter, also assisting on chores at ‘Mylyn Farm’ — the operation continues to clean up and prepare for a planned rebuild of the dairy.

Below, see the Facebook observations of the proprietor, immediately after the fire, and more recently. 
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