Lloyd Wells vows to make a difference as Councillor

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Candidate for South Dundas Councillor

Lloyd Wells
55 years old
Employee at Wells & Son Construction Ltd


1. What prompted your decision to run for council this time?

The reason I decided to run was to see if I could make a difference or at least see if can try to get this municipality going in the right direction. 


2. What are the key strengths you would bring to the job if elected?

I think I could help with all municipality issues they have with their buildings and all the money being wasted on consulting fees and again, try to get the municipality going forward instead of going backwards. 


3. What are the top few issues that you see facing the municipality?

I think main issues are landfill, water towers and infrastructure, just to name a few. 


4. Is there anything you hope to change in the municipality?

Yes there is always hope, with the right council, that will work together as a team and direct the staff in the right direction and the most important thing is to listen to the people that put you in.


5. How is your message being received during this campaign?

I’m getting good feedback from people I have talk to and if elected, hopefully I can make a difference.


6. Voting begins on Oct. 17 — ironically the day of marijuana legalization. The new council will have to decide soon if your municipality will permit storefront cannabis sales, or opt out altogether. Should your municipality allow pot shops or ‘just say no’?

That’s tough one I would like to hear from the residents on what they would like and look at all the options, good and bad If we are going to allow this to go on in our community.

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