A note of thanks to the Chesterville & District Agricultural Society

Frank Scheepers used a drone to take this photo of the Chesterville fairgrounds in the fall of 2017. Courtesy photo

The Editor:

This is a note of thanks to the members of the Chesterville and District Agricultural Society. First, our property borders the Chesterville Fair Grounds. Following last Friday’s devastating wind storm, we noticed that a huge Manitoba maple on Fairground property decided to topple over into our back yard. No damage, but a heck of mess!

I contacted Carol Johnson, the Ag Society’s president late Friday night by E-mail informing her of the tree falling over onto our yard. Carol called about 9 a.m. Saturday morning, and by 9:20, Peter Vanderlaan arrived with a chain saw, closely followed by Gordon Johnson, Bruce Jodouin and Carol herself. By 10:40, the tree had been cut, limbed, and loaded onto two pickups.

Our neighbour across the street had also lost a big branch off his red maple. The gang decided to help him out as well, and promptly limbed, cut and disposed of his branch.

We are so grateful to have the Chesterville and District Agricultural Society as our neighbours to the west. Thanks so much to Carol, Gordon, Bruce and Carol for being such wonderful representatives of the Society. You guys rock!

Yours truly,

Bernie and Linda Harper

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