North Stormont candidates set for first debate tomorrow night, Monday, Oct. 1

The Crysler Community Center, venue for North Stormont's Oct. 1 all-candidates' meeting. ©2018 Google

CRYSLER — North Stormont Township’s municipal candidates are set to sit down for their first all-candidates’ meeting of the 2018 campaign Monday evening, Oct. 1.

Jointly organized by the Stormont Federation of Agriculture, Moose Creek Chamber of Commerce and the Crysler Community Centre — venue for the event — doors open at 7 p.m., with opening statements are slated to begin a half hour later.

The event is expected to have invited the full field of candidates vying for the support of North Stormont voters Oct. 17-22 — as well as acclaimed mayor-elect Jim Wert and deputy mayor-elect Frank Landry. Contending for three councillor seats are Randy Douglas (incumbent),  Alton Blair, Adrian Bugelli, Carrie Curry, Steve Densham and Roxane Villeneuve. Also on the virtual North Stormont ballot are English Public trustee candidates Jim Bancroft, John Danaher and Marshall Wilson, as well English Separate trustee candidates Donna Nielsen and Karen E. McAllister. Respectively acclaimed as French Public trustee and French Separate trustee are Lise Benoit-Leger and Francois Bazinet.


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