Roxanne Villeneuve strives for change as Councillor candidate

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Candidate for North Stormont Councillor

Roxane Villeneuve
44 years old
Occupation: Assistant to a Senator in the Senate of Canada

1. What prompted your decision to run for council this time?

I decided to run for Councillor for a few different reasons. First, I had a number of individuals from the township approach me to run.  I thought about it for a couple of weeks, and after much consideration, I decided that it would be an opportune time for me personally to present myself as a candidate.  There are improvements that I would like to see in our Township, and there is no better place to help make those changes happen than by presenting myself as a candidate.

2.   What are the key strengths you would bring to the job if elected?

The Township of North Stormont is where I was born and raised and I continue to choose to live here.  I have 2 teenage boys who will soon be joining the workforce. I want them and other post-secondary graduates to be able to find good paying jobs right here in North Stormont and not have to move away in order to find employment.  If elected councillor, I want to help create more good paying jobs in our municipality by bringing more small, medium and large size businesses to North Stormont – I want our municipality to be the chosen one where more people want to live, work & raise their families.  Secondly, the pride in our community is our beautiful agricultural landscape. I want farmers in our area to thrive with minimal government bureaucracy (less red tape) so that they can continue to do what they do best: farming.  Finally, the five small towns within our municipality can be enhanced with beautification.  As your elected councillor, I want to ensure that all provincial and federal resources are utilized.  This includes grant initiatives and funding sources available through both levels of government. I will work closely with our provincial and federal representatives to ensure that we have all resources at our fingertips to better our small town and rural living right here in North Stormont.

3 What are the top few issues that you see facing the Township?

Certainly beautification of our villages and communities to attract more residents to live here, as well as attract more small businesses including accessibility to gas stations, banking, and convenience stores, as well as better cell phone service and support for our farmers & residents requesting access to natural gas.

4. Is there anything you hope to change in the Township?

As your elected councillor, I will work hard to help farmers, small business owners and residents including young people to want to live here with their families and raise their children right here in North Stormont.

5. How is your message being received during this campaign?

I have knocked on every door in the Township and the response has been very positive.  The voters of North Stormont want the municipality to be enhanced with beautification, thrive with new business opportunities, and to continue to build on our beautiful agricultural lands.

6) Voting begins on Oct. 17 — ironically the day of marijuana legalization. The new council will have to decide soon if your municipality will permit storefront cannabis sales, or opt out altogether. Should your municipality allow pot shops or ‘just say no’?

Just say no. We didn’t create this legislation and we don’t need to include it in our municipality. There are lots of other small businesses that I want to see rather than pot shops.

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