From Main Street to councillor’s seat: Gary Annable seeks your vote

Candidate for North Dundas Councillor

Gary Annable
62 years old
Retired retail jeweller

1. What prompted your decision to run for council this time?

I was raised in a household where local politics was a big deal at the supper table. I’ve always been interested in what goes on around me.

My father always said the first level of government to affect you when you get up put your feet on the floor in the morning was your municipal government. Your driveway backs onto the street, your water, your sewer, your recreation all of those things, and I’d like to be part of that.


2. What are the key strengths you would bring to the job if elected?

I ran a business for 38 years on Main Street. I know what a budget is. I know how to stick to a budget. I know the value of a dollar, and there are times, I know how to squeeze a dollar. I can read a balance sheet. I can read a profit and loss statement, and I feel that I could contribute to the process.


3. What are the top few issues that you see facing the Township?

I think landfill is going to be a big issue. I would like to see the roads program still continued, and seen to its end. Upkeep of infrastructure — I don’t believe in letting things slide and then having to fix them all at once.

Seniors’ buildings, apartment buildings in the township — I think we need more rental space.

Industry, small industry — it doesn’t have to be a factory with three or 400 people, although those aregreat. I’m a big believer in small business. I think if you add up all the people who work in small businesses, as opposed to the people that work in box stores, I think you’d be very surprised how strong small business is in North Dundas, and how strong it is in the province, and how strong it is all across Canada. And I’m a big believer in small business.


4. Is there anything you hope to change in the Township?

Not necessarily change. I think we could expedite a few things: Building permits; access to an industrial park; something that we can make it easier for business to come to the Township of North Dundas.


5. How is your message being received during this campaign?

Like I told you earlier, I haven’t had anybody tell me to go home yet. I’ve gone around with my lawn signs for people that have contacted me, and when I put one on somebody’s lawn, there are two or three neighbours come out and ask for signs, too, and people on the street who say they’re glad to hear I’m running, that I can put a business aspect to it, and I’ve been very well received. I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed, really, with the response I got when I first said I was going to run.  I’ve been overwhelmed with the response for the request for lawn signs.


6. Voting begins on Oct. 17 — ironically the day of marijuana legalization. The new council will have to decide soon if your municipality will permit storefront cannabis sales, or opt out altogether. Should your municipality allow pot shops or ‘just say no’?

I am not really in favour of opting in at all, but it’s here and there is not much chance of it going away. I think we will have to wait until at least some of the many unknowns have been solved.



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