South Dundas mayoral candidate Byvelds assails Delegarde’s leadership during first all-candidates’ meeting

Staff issues, dwindling landfill space and Carman House fiasco among topics discussed at Matilda Hall

DIXONS CORNERS — Former mayor Steven Byvelds assailed the leadership of current Mayor Mayor Evonne Delegarde as she and other incumbent members at the all-candidates’ debate struggled to explain why municipal staff never carried out $35,000 in approved renovations at the Carman House Museum despite marching orders from council.

Otherwise striking a contrite tone through the evening — including a quip about his last “four years in the penalty box,” a personal apology to a ratepayer about a botched drainage petition, and a pledge to be a better listener — Byvelds also chastised Delegarde and her council for frustrating a new staff member to the point of resignation after his key landfill report produced no action. The incumbent, seated beside her challenger, frowned unhappily at one point.

It was Byvelds’ turn to grimace when, on the subject of the municipality’s finances, Delegarde highlighted one of the pressures on South Dundas’s bottom line: debt payments on the $6-million municipal office overhaul that was a signature project of Byvelds’ previous time on council.

Delegarde defeated Byvelds to become mayor four years ago. Their rematch is one of the highly watched aspects of the 2018 campaign in South Dundas.

North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan served as moderator for the Oct. 3 session at the Matilda Hall. Additional dates are planned Oct. 11 (Iroquois Civic Centre) and Oct. 15 (Upper Canada Playhouse) by the organizers at the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce.

See the video at the top of the article for the full proceedings of the evening.





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