Would we save money and have nicer lawns if we did our business behind a bush?

by ​Garfield Marks​

It costs $73 per tonne to toss out my coffee cup. That is the cost of taking solid waste to the waste management site. It costs about $40 per month for my waste water to get treated and dumped into the river.

Would it not be cheaper to just burn my solid waste in the back yard or dump it over the fence or drop it along some dirt road, or in some farmer‘s field? It might be cheaper in the short term but if everyone did it, I can only imagine.

Speaking of farmers’ fields, you know they have manure spreaders for spreading manure on their fields. So manure is a good fertilizer, good for plants. Interesting because that is part of the reason why we pay $40 per month cleaning our wastewater.

Would it not be cheaper if we all just did our business in our gardens or dumped it in the streets and let the rain wash it away or let it fertilize the ground?

Can you imagine how much crop we could get if 7 billion people left their fertilizer on the ground? Now if only we had CO2 to help our crops grow?

You can see where I am going with this and how foolish it appears, but the argument against carbon pricing is very similar.

How many times have we heard that CO2 is not a pollutant but is a necessity for plant growth. Water is necessary too, but nobody wants a flood or a tsunami.

It took many generations, plagues and courage to get the sewage off the streets and solid waste into landfills. It took generations to get recycling into the mainstream, it will take longer to accept a price on carbon.

We have 3 levels of pollution solid, liquid and gas. We pay $73 per tonne to manage our solid waste and since carbon pricing is based on a solid’s scale why not charge $73 per tonne of carbon?

We all understand about our need for clean air just as we understand our need for clean water and removing our trash. We recycle while many third world nations may not, we treat our wastewater while many third world nations may not, so why don’t we clean our air or at least make those who pollute, pay?

My fire and flood insurance is going up due to increased fires and floods, due to climate change, due to CO2, and health care related costs are going up and the list goes on so I guess everyone is paying for our free air pollution.

Shouldn’t the polluters pay a little bit more?

Just asking.

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