Ottawa Human Trafficking Unit rescues a young woman from historical human trafficking

OTTAWA — The Ottawa Police Service Human Trafficking Unit has charged an Ottawa man with various human trafficking charges stemming from an historical investigation.

The survivor, a woman in her early 20s, came forward to the Human Trafficking (HT) Unit in late September. The Unit investigated the historical matter and on October 9, the male suspect was located and arrested in Ottawa by members of PIVOT.

Miguel Ortiz, 28 years old of Ottawa was charged with:

*       Two counts of trafficking in persons by recruiting

*       One count of financial/material benefit/trafficking person over 18

*       One count of pointing a firearm

*       One count of possession of a weapon, etc./for committing an offence

*       One count of assault with weapon or imitation weapon

*       One count of aggravated assault

*       One count of harassment by threatening conduct to other person

*       One count of uttering threats/death or bodily harm


Ortiz attended court yesterday, Oct. 10, and was remanded into custody.

Members of the HT Unit were able to assist the female survivor and she was brought to a place of safety.

The Ottawa Police Human Trafficking Unit strongly believes that there could be further victims. Miguel Ortiz is also known as ‘Angel’ and ‘Diablo’.

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