Russell candidates hash out public questions in full

EMBRUN — From the notion of amalgamating with the City of Ottawa (thoroughly shot down by Mayor Pierre Leroux and his challenger, Charles Armstrong) to the cost of hooking into public services, to the possibility of a new, multi-million-dollar arena, candidates in Russell Township’s municipal election discussed the issues in full last night.

The Russell Toastmasters Club hosted the event, which drew a full house to the Embrun Community Centre. The refreshing free-for-all Q&A format allowed every candidate on stage to answer every question posed from the floor — allowing for some actual rebuttals and debate to occur.

Mayoral candidate Shawn McNally made an opening statement but wasn’t able to participate in the rest of the session because, as he explained from the podium, he had to attend to a family member recently admitted to hospital.

See the video at the top of the article for almost all of that evening’s proceedings, minus the closing statements. The video concludes on the second-last question, which concerned upcoming changes to the township’s recycling service; the answers on that question are the only ones that wound up being shortened and edited.

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