Dare to Flash a ‘Stache launches Nov. 1

WINCHESTER — A local take-off on the “Movember” prostate cancer awareness movement returns next month — as Dare to Flash a ‘Stache officially launches Nov. 1.

Men are encouraged to grow moustaches and collect pledges through the month, with proceeds split between the charitable foundations at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) and the Ottawa Hospital. Fans of the moustachioed may follow along at daretoflashastache.ca, where the participants will be registered as individuals or in teams.

“Fifty percent of the proceeds raised at the Dare to Flash a ‘Stache will go to support WDMH’s Cancer Care Navigator program,” explains Cindy Peters, the WDMH Foundation’s Manager of Direct Mailing Events. Prostate cancer patients are among those helped by the program.

“This program provides assistance to both cancer patients and their families in navigating both a complex healthcare system and a cancer diagnosis,” adds Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the WDMH Foundation. “Please give as generously as you can, as we each know someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer in the area.”

“It is such a privilege to care for so many men facing prostate cancer in the Winchester and District area,” says Jennifer Van Noort, Vice-President of Philanthropy and Leadership Giving at The Ottawa Hospital, reflecting on the 50 percent share of Dare to Flash a ‘Stache funds that will go into prostate cancer research at that institution.

Dare to Flash a ‘Stache makes its return after a two-year hiatus and slight name tweak. The previous three editions were known simply as “Flash a ‘Stache” — a shorter moniker since scooped up by another organization outside of the area, according to Tom Clapp, co-chair of the Eastern Ontario Prostate Cancer Awareness Committee, a group of seven survivors of the disease.

“We let it drop for a couple of years, but there’s been a lot of interest so we’ve brought it back,” says Clapp of the newly revived and renamed annual campaign. The effort previously raised just over $90,000 combined for both hospital foundation.

“We’re excited about offering this opportunity to the community to raise awareness about prostate cancer, and to help prostate cancer patients and research,” he says.

The event launches with a special Nov. 1 kickoff event at Cup of Jo’s in Winchester (starting 7 p.m.)  And all of those upper-lip soup strainers will be celebrated Dec. 1 with the official close of Dare to Flash a ‘Stache at Winchester Foodland (starting 10 a.m.).

In between those two dates is a lot of time to grow a moustache worthy of Tom Selleck or Ned Flanders — and all for a worthy cause.

Click the image below for the official Facebook event, and show your interest in participating.

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