Chesterville MacEwen station expected to close for two to three months to finish project

The Chesterville MacEwen station, with the new store rising at right. Fresh asphalt has just gone down on Queen Street West after months of construction on that street as well. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Update: ‘at least’ three months of closure now anticipated

CHESTERVILLE — Loyal MacEwen motorists in Chesterville will have to find another spot to fill up for quite some time later this fall and winter.

It was probably inevitable, but the $1.7-million overhaul of the Main Street North gas station will put the place out of commission for two to three months, maybe starting as early as later this month, concedes local MacEwen’s franchisee Dale Keller.

“Possibly the end of November. We have no exact date yet,” says Keller. “It all depends how well it goes back there,” he adds, referring to the shell of the much larger convenience store building rising immediately west of the existing shop.

“Probably, two to three months, I would say,” he confirms, when asked about the information he’s received about the impending period of closure. “But I’m going to say three because nothing ever is on time with construction,” he chuckles.

Update: A notice posted on the door of the operation today reports the station’s last day of operation as Sunday, Dec. 9, closing Dec. 10 for an extended period. A staff member says they now believe the closure will last “at least” three months.

One day soon, the new convenience store building will be complete enough to trigger the next step in the project — demolition of the existing store to make way for six new filling stations (three islands) and related underground tanks.  There are no plans to operate the new “County Line” convenience store until the gasoline flows again. “They’re bigger stores with hotdog rollers and all kinds of fancy coffees, all kinds of stuff like that.  It’ll be a big improvement, more room,” says Keller.

Meanwhile, it bears noting that MacEwen’s isn’t the only player in Chesterville’s retail gas market. Lannin’s Garage in the village still sells the stuff — but at more typical hours for a small-town garage/gas station combo. “We’re open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday,” says proprietor Dave Lannin, noting the Victoria Street operation remains the same full-service, public-access gas station as always.

He has no immediate plans to expand his hours to pump more gas but says he wouldn’t rule it out in the event of greater public demand for fuel during an extended MacEwen’s closure. “Possibly I would adjust my hours to accommodate that.”


The image above shows the redevelopment plan for MacEwen’s Chesterville Station, transposed on a current Google map of the village (eyeballed to scale and orientation as closely as possible). ©Google

A front view of the new MacEwen outlet planned for Chesterville.

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