Carefor Nor-Dun Centre actively seeking volunteer drivers

NORTH DUNDAS — ‘Tis the season of giving! Do you have extra time on your hands? Do you want to give back?

The Carefor/Nor-Dun Centre for the Township of North Dunas is in great need for volunteer drivers.

The centre offers one-on-one supports for coordinating services, including personal advocacy, filling out forms, and income tax clinics, interventions for people facing homelessness, critical life changes, abuse, or isolation, referrals to other community support services as necessary. As well as

low cost and free activities to be enjoyed by adults 65 and over and persons with disabilities 18 and over.

Volunteer drivers would be paid for their kilometres, not for their time they are volunteering. They hope to reach out to the retirees that might be looking at still wanting to fill some of their week keeping busy, but on their own schedule.

If interested, new volunteers would have make an appointment to meet staff at the Nor-Dun Centre to fill out paperwork. They would then be required to fill out a form and bring to the OPP station in Winchester for their police check. There is no fee for this.

“Once that process is completed and they get their letter back from the OPP we set up an appointment with the volunteer to further complete paperwork and discuss the job description with them and their availability on what they would like to do,” explained Carefor/Nor-Dun Seniors’ Support Centre, Caroline Rooney.

Drivers Testimonial

“My husband and I started as volunteer drivers with the Carefor/Nor-Dun Centre just over three years ago. Andy had recently retired and after successfully going through a challenge with his health, the two of us discussed  doing something with purpose that would help others, We both like to drive and had heard of the huge need for drivers to help bring seniors in the community to various appointments and outings. It is a perfect fit for us! We are busy retirees with  grandchildren and our own activities and the flexibility of being a volunteer driver at Carefor/ Nor-Dun Centre works well in our busy lives. We like the fact that we have the ability to accept a quick local drive or longer ones into Ottawa or Cornwall.  The staff, Caroline and Connie understand that when they call us to do a drive we are not always available. When we leave for a few months in the winter we know when we come back they will gladly put us back in the roster. It’s fulfilling for us knowing we are helping others.” – Sandy Laneville

Interested volunteers are encouraged to contact the centre for more information at 613-774-6109.

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