League commends Jets’ trainer for jumping to the aid of bleeding Rockets player

Nathan Bols. Facebook photo

Aron Sherrer. Facebook photo

Nathan Bols cited on NCJHL home page, along with Jets’ parent Aron Sherrer

CHESTERVILLE — The National Capital Junior Hockey League is commending Jr. C Metcalfe Jets trainer Nathan Bols for coming to the quick aid of a bleeding North Dundas Rockets player late last month. Also acknowledged on the League’s homepage is Jets’ parent Aron Sherrer for assisting the injured Hugo Lusignan after he suffered a “severe” skate-blade incision across the bottom of his wrist in Chesterville.

The Oct. 26 incident is chronicled as an example of  “the importance of character.”

The Rockets player immediately left the ice after being cut on his first shift of the game, recounts the League, highlighting how Sherrer — father of the Jets’ Tyson Sherrer, recently traded from the Rockets — “without hesitation” followed Lusignan into his dressing room to help “several trainers” trying to control the bleeding. The prospect of a life-threatening injury to the North Dundas forward  “was very real at the time,” according to the League.

“That’s when the trainer of the visiting team,” Nathan Bols, “understood the severity of the situation and ran across the rink and through the lobby to help.”  The paramedic and Russell resident — a recent NCJHL player himself — is noted for taking control of the situation while lending assistance in this situation.

“It is so important to have qualified people helping in our league, and parents like Mr. Sherrer who put the well-being of others before any hockey rivalries or other personal feelings,” concludes the League. Had it not been for the Winchester resident,  “the Rockets might not have recognized the severity of the injury as quickly as they have, and had it not been for the trained reaction and awareness of Nathan (Bols), a bad situation could have become much worse.

“The NCJHL would like to thank these two individuals in particular and all of our volunteers in general for coming out to help every time!”

Bols is a former captain of the Metcalfe Jets and Embrun Panthers who wrapped up a six-year Jr. C career earlier in 2018.

Lusignan remains out of the game while he recovers from his injury, but the rest of the Rockets’ bench will be back home this Saturday night.

North Dundas currently stands in second place in the League’s eastern division, with an 8-1-1 record, defeating the Morrisburg Lions 5-3 in their last game.

Their upcoming Dec. 1 game will pit them against the Clarence Castors, 7:30 p.m. at the Chesterville Arena.





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