Russell Police Village to give $5,000 to help alleviate health concerns associated with landfill pollutants

RUSSELL—The Russell Police Village trustees will present a generous cheque for $5,000 to the Citizens’ Environmental Stewardship Association – east of Ottawa (CESA-EO) in support of its Dump the Dump Now campaign on Tuesday, December 4, 7 p.m., at the home of president Harry Baker at 208 Forced Road, Russell.

This adds to the $10,000 recently raised at the sold-out trivia night on November 3. Community support for the eight-year long battle against a landfill proposed near the Russell-Ottawa border on Boundary Road is still strong!

Several health studies (Montreal, Great Britain and Italy) have shown that:

– Airborne volatile organic compounds from landfills impact human respiratory health, especially in children, and a high incidence of cancer among persons living at a distance up to at least 5 km from the site;

– The impact extends well beyond the boundaries of the landfill site as the studies found negative effects out to the 5 km study limit. It can be assumed that negative human health impacts extend beyond this limit, particularly in the prevailing wind directions.

“The Township of Russell (Russell, Embrun and Limoges) is downwind of the dump,” says Baker. “Air quality will decrease due to contaminants, particulates, bad odours, ammonia and methane released by a mega-dump. We will not let the Taggart-Miller project undermine the health of our communities.” Baker also notes that most of the Village of Russell’s recreation facilities are at the north end, closest to the proposed dump.

The parts of Ottawa which would feel the impact strongly include Carlsbad Springs, Edwards and Vars.

Besides air pollution, the groundwater and surface water will also be contaminated by the presence of a mega-landfill, especially since the approved design does not include a bottom landfill liner and the site has a highwater table and sits on shallow continuous sand layers in the weak Leda clay.

“The communities affected are supportive.” says CESA-EO president Harry Baker. “We are appreciative of the donations from the Police Village fund, the local businesses and individuals that donated to our silent auction, and to Connie Johnston’s amazing trivia services team.”

Dump the Dump Now is raising money to help offset its ongoing legal expenses for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) challenge which the group and our coalition partner in east Ottawa, Capital Region Citizens Coalition for the Protection of the Environment (CRCCPE) (aka Dump this Dump 2), launched earlier this year. The challenge is based on the City of Ottawa’s failure to demand a Human Health Impact Assessment before approving the re-zoning for the proposed eight-storey, 500,000 tonne/per year, 400+-acre landfill and waste disposal site.

DTDN began eight years ago on November 9, 2010, when the Taggart family (major Ottawa developers) teamed up with Markham-based Miller Waste and announced their plan, a mega-dump initially in north Russell, and now on Boundary Road in Ottawa, just north of Russell Township.

Loud and determined opposition drove the consortium away from that site, but the principals used a bait and switch approach—revealing they owned a similar-sized parcel at the current proposed site, just north of Russell Township.

DTDN and DTD2 have already attended a preliminary hearing to see if their case will go forward under the new LPAT process (replacing the Ontario Municipal Board). Members are hopeful as the preliminary hearing in September was thought provoking and allowed adequate time for our lawyer to set the stage and share that this is a serious matter with inevitable negative consequences, if not treated as such.  This case is still under LPAT review and our legal expenses for the appeal are estimated at $35,000.

We will be seeking a financial donation from the Township of Russell at their public budget consultation on Dec 5.  The future health of our community is too important to give up now!

For more information contact Harry Baker at 613-445-3233 or email.  To donate and support this cause visit:

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