Community Food Share pleads for more cash donations to support their Healthy Choices food program

Above, Community Food Share volunteers Jim Millard and Sandy Laneville collect donations at the CP Holiday Train in Finch. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

It is better to give cash than food, says Community Food Share

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

DUNDAS & STORMONT COUNTY — During the season of giving don’t forget to give the best gift of all … the gift of cash to provide healthy food for families in need!

There are so many generous people, school’s and organizations that give food donations to the Community Food Share (CFS) every year, but this time of year especially. The problem is there is one type of food they are truly lacking, fresh healthy food.

Their Healthy Choices menu includes nutritious foods such as; meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

CFS’s newly-appointed Executive Director, Ian McKelvie, recently disclosed to Nation Valley News that their new Healthy Choices program, although very effective and needed, puts a much larger stress on their annual budget.

“The budget has been a much more tense this year because of Healthy Choices,” said McKelvie.

The CFS executive explained that although they get a large portion of their fresh foods from local producers and companies at cost “buying almost all healthy choice items really puts a strain on the total budget.”

The Healthy Choices program helps out so many people. They just recently discovered that there was a need for more food for those with bigger families and have had to re-evaluate to allocate for that.

The Community Food Share representative stressed the need for this program and how everyone has the right to eat healthy.

“It is very popular with families. They deserve to have nutritious options,” insisted the CFS rep.

“We’d really hate to reduce Healthy Choices due to the lack of funds, this is something we definitely want to continue,” McKelvie continued.

All that being said Community Food Share will still certainly accept any food donations.

McKelvie pleaded, “Don’t stop donating food food but cash donations give us more flexibility.”

“For each $1 we receive we are able to purchase $3 worth of food,” he added.

“We really appreciate all the support we have received over the past year but as the year comes to an end we are really in need of and would really appreciate more cash donations. It is better to give cash than food,” McKelvie concluded.

For more information Community Food Share’s Healthy Choices program or to donate please visit their website:

Please send cash and cheque donations to or visit: 

South Dundas – Morrisburg Location

28 Ottawa Street
Morrisburg, ON

North Dundas – Winchester Location

497 May Street
Winchester, ON

North Stormont – Crysler Location

Centre de santé communaute de l’Estrie (CSCE) 
1 Nation Street, Crysler ON

South Stormont – Finch Location

Chalmers United Church
Corner of Minto and Church Street, Finch ON



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