HOL, Community Food Share, and BMR deliver ‘Heat for the Holidays’ just in time for Christmas

Above, Representatives of HOL, BMR, and Community Food Share made 7 of 22 deliveries of logs yesterday. Deliveries continue today in the Winchester-area and finish in the Grenville-area tomorrow. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

NORTH & SOUTH DUNDAS — Yesterday, Dec. 19, was delivery day one of three for people in need of warmth during the holiday season and all winter long. House of Lazarus, Community Food Share and Winchester BMR have teamed up for the ‘Heat for the Holidays’ campaign for the second year in a row. This heartfelt initiative helps provide families within SDG with pressed wood logs for their fireplaces.

By tomorrow afternoon, 22 families will be blessed with 84 boxes each of these logs. Each box contains eight logs which will burn for about an hour a piece.

Above, Boxes were handed off the back of the Winchester BMR truck one-by-one in an assembly line by the hard-working crew of 7 yesterday. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

All of this is thanks to the contributions of several community members, businesses, and many other donations that have been sent in over the past month.

Executive Director Ian McKelvie of Community Food Share was amazed by the outpour of support they have been given by the community for this wonderful cause and hopes that more families that are in need will come forward next year.

“A lot of people still aren’t aware of this amazing campaign or are aware and are just to proud or nervous to ask for help,” he explained.

Nation Valley News had the honour of tagging along with the crew yesterday as they made their deliveries in the Brinston, Glen Stewart, Mountain, and South Mountain areas, and found it to be a real eye-opening experience.

One recipient told Nation Valley News how this was his first year using the program and that he had just recently lost his wife and he and it is just him and his daughter now. He was fortunate enough to have received some wood from his boss that was cut during the Ottawa-area tornado clean-up, but knew it was not enough to get them through the long-cold winter months. He was beyond grateful for this program.

Another male was speechless for the generosity he had been shown and all he could say was, “Thank you!”

Kudos to the men of Community Food Share, HOL, and BMR that continue to make deliveries today and tomorrow. This reporter can personally attest to the amount of physical labour it takes to do so, especially in out in the cold for a good portion of the day.

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