WDMH bids a fond farewell to Dr. Heymans

Above, Many WDMH doctors came together to honour Dr. Heymans at a recent dinner. Pictured at the event are (standing l-r): James Blakslee, Mary Naciuk, Cholly Boland (President & CEO), David Flowers, Suru Chande, Wayne Domanko, Bart Steele, Elvira Halili, Geoffrey Peters, Gerry Heymans, Yvonne Kaethler, Don Merrett, Beth Rivington, Jacqui van Hees, Joe Phillips, Elise Antoniak and Brian Devin (Squatting l-r): Gerry Rosenquist, Vik Bhagirath, Trish Moussette, Jennifer Ingram-Crooks, Danielle De Banné, Chuck Su, Marilyn Crabtree and John Burke. Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER — When Dr. Gerry Heymans arrived at WDMH on May 1, 1980, he says the doctors pretty much did it all – from obstetrics to emergency to surgery. And he remembers the only real challenge was assisting in the OR: “If I was helping Dr. Duane with one of those difficult gallbladder surgeries, it wasn’t the patient that the anesthetist had to aid with hypotension – it was me. I had an amazing fainting response and I was really quick going to the floor. The OR nurses really were very supportive, making sure that a tall glass of OJ was next to Dr. Domanko’s anesthetic table in case Dr. Heymans got “weak” in the knees.

Above, Dr. Gerry Heymans. Courtesy photo

Thirty-eight years later, we are bidding a fond farewell to Dr. Heymans as he begins the next chapter in his life. In addition to working in almost every area of the hospital, Dr. Heymans also gave back. In 2007 and again in 2010, he was instrumental in the Russell Lions Club in raising $30,000 at each event to equip the ophthalmology department. In 2014, another $30,000 was raised for two incubators for obstetrics. Dr. Heymans says he also has wonderful memories of working with Lynne Wilson and the fundraising team involved in the Vision Campaign for the new hospital.

“My gratitude and acknowledgement can’t begin to express the friendships, memories and community that lives everlasting in my heart,” sums up Dr. Heymans.

At a recent reception to honour Dr. Heymans, many memories were shared with laughter and fondness. “Dr. Heymans has made an incredible impact on the hospital, the community and the many, many patients he has cared for over the past four decades,” says Cholly Boland, CEO. “We wish him well.”

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