The guillotine falls on 2018 as 2019 arrives

Above, the blade falls on 2018 in Chesterville.

CHESTERVILLE — New York observed usual tradition by sending that big orb down the pole at Times Square as 2019 arrived — even if NBC’s bumbling coverage dropped the ball and missed the shot.

There was more to see right here in Chesterville as revellers at a private event literally dropped the guillotine on the year ended last night at the former Holy Trinity Anglican Church building on Queen Street West.

The local crowd gathered at Dylan and Krista Roberts’ converted home called out the dying seconds of the old year, then cheered as the mock blade fell and popped a balloon inscribed with ‘2018’ at the stroke of midnight. Chesterville resident Tony Glen built the realistic executioner’s machine made famous during the French Revolution.  Known for his directing, acting and prop-construction skills with the Dundas County Players Theatrical Society, Glen also assumed the role of Monsieur Guillotine, inventor of the macabre device, while serving as emcee of the annual soiree.

The costumed attendees reflected that night’s “Revolution” theme in a variety of ways with their outfits — by no means limited to 18th century France. Vinyl records, artificial intelligence, cycling and more — all served grist for a creative revolution in fashion.


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