This Albertan was blessed by the last three years, but ‘patronizing tones’ on the upswing again

by Garfield Marks

The last three years has been a blessing to my soul.

For three years I have heard less and less the terms “Rig Pig” and “Redneck.” For three years, Alberta was involved in nation building and national conversations without the patronizing tones so often experienced before.

Now it is returning and with a vengeance.

Jason Kenney, UCP Leader, made a statement in Alberta, and the host of a political show, Question Period, asked former Minister Peter MacKay, if he believed that Jason Kenney actually believed that statement, and MacKay shrugged it off with: You have to remember who he is talking to. He is talking to his constituents.

Now Kenney is regularly in the news dealing with party members involved or making statements regarding racism, anti-Semitism, swastikas, and other backward issues. And promoting Mr. Carpay who compared the Pride flag with a swastika.

I will miss those three years.

I made a comment about steak sandwiches were getting smaller but more expensive, and I was told in a loud voice that it was because of Notley’s carbon tax. I reminded them that we talking about a decades’ long trend but this gentleman, insisted.

Another gentleman brought up that if it snows on the QE2, it will be blamed on the carbon tax.

I will miss those three years.

I mentioned that I did not believe that any one single premier had anything to do with the judge ruling against Keystone XL piping in the U.S., and I was called a Trudeau lover.

I will miss those three years.

I was condemned for maintaining my tipping style at a restaurant because, thanks to Notley, the waitress is now making minimum wage.

I will miss those three years.

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