It was a pellet gun: Lockdown lifted in Cornwall

Above, Cornwall Police address the media about today’s incident: A pellet-gun toting individual — not yet apprehended — crippled the city for much of the day, triggering a wave of lockdowns and a Jan. 8 manhunt.

Suspect who disrupted city still free

CORNWALL — The lockdowns in this city have been lifted, as the alleged weapon seen in the hands of a suspicious male turns out to have been a pellet gun, according to the Cornwall Community Police Service, which says it continues to investigate what happened.

The “possible male suspect” remains at large, Chief Danny Aikman confirmed during a live news conference streamed live on social media late this afternoon.

However, police know the involved firearm was a pellet gun after recovering a .177 calibre pellet.

“To the regular member of the public,” a pellet gun looks “very, very similar” to a rifle, Staff Sgt. Chad Maxwell explained. “From a distance, you would not be able to tell.”

Cornwall Community Hospital and the city’s schools were put into lockdown for hours today after the individual and “rifle” were reported in the vicinity of Amelia Street and Seventh Street around 8:50 a.m. this morning.

Residents in the area of Second Street to Ninth Street, and Nick Kaneb Drive to Cumberland Avenue were also instructed to remain indoors.

The major disruption to the city continued as the end of the school day approached:  Buses were cancelled and parents were advised to pick up their kids themselves.

The hospital and Community Addiction and Mental Health Centre were also shut down for the day, accepting only ambulance traffic.

Police reported it was safe for residents to leave their homes at 3:55 p.m.

This article was updated to include new information from police.

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