Ottawa Police announce new first-of-its-kind partnered initiative to help identify potential tissue donors and save lives

OTTAWA — The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is pleased to announce a new initiative in partnership with Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN), Ottawa Paramedic Service, and Ottawa’s Coroner’s Office.

This new partnership with Trillium coordinates the efforts of all three services to help save and enhance lives. It will help to identify potential tissue donors, who need to be referred within a 12-hour window to preserve the opportunity for donation.

The OPS will be holding a news conference with our partners, to introduce this new initiative; a first-of-its-kind partnership between TGLN and a police service in the Province.

“Police officers are often the first to arrive on scene, and our officers have recently been given training to help prioritize calling the coroner in the event they encounter a recently deceased person,” said Sergeant Steven Desjourdy, Ottawa Police project lead. “The coroner’s office then contacts TGLN if the deceased person has the potential to donate tissue.”

A single tissue donor can impact more than 75 lives.

Ottawa ranks first among the major metropolitan cities in the province (population over 500,000) with 40 percent of residents registered as an organ donor.

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